3 Costly Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Going Solar In 2022

3 Costly Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Going Solar In 2021

There’s absolutely no better time to install your solar system than now. To help you on your solar journey, we have put together some common mistakes to avoid in order to get maximum value for your money.

3 costly mistakes to avoid

Making a decision solely based on price

Solar Inverter systems come in different sizes, specifications, brands, load capacity, etc. So, avoid making a decision because it appears incredibly cheap. For example, a Quotation from Company A stating “2 units of batteries” may be ambiguous when comparing quotations. Batteries come in different sizes (100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, etc.). Batteries could also be AGM, GEL, etc. depending on the technology. Therefore, prices and performance will also vary.

Proper Load Assessment

Do not be tempted to do guesswork about your load requirement, as most people do. Instead, get an expert to conduct a proper energy audit. He/she can help determine your estimated load usually measured in Watts. For instance, 5 lighting points (assuming 15watt each) and 1 unit of Fan (50watt) indicate that your total requirement is 125watts. Next, how many hours of power supply do you desire? These and some other fundamental questions must be answered… e get why.

Read and understand Warranty conditions

Make an effort to carefully read or enquire about the warranty conditions and understand it completely to know exactly what you are dipping your foot into. Also, verify the level of After-sales support. Are there spare parts available in-country, what does the warranty cover? This will help assist with future warranty claims.

Chat with a Kartel Solar Expert today, we’ll be glad to assist you in selecting the right solar system and avoid making costly mistakes.

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