How Does The Solar Panel Work?

how does the solar panel work?

Have you ever wondered or sat down to solve the puzzle of how a solar panel works? This mystery for some people is still hard to unravel. Basically, the solar module uses photons to separate electrons from atoms. Photons are particles of light. Therefore, the process of separating electrons from atoms generates solar electricity.

Fasten your seat-belt as we take you on the ride of how solar panel works.

The solar panel collects sunlight

Every solar panel contains what is known as Voltaic cells also called PV cells. These cells collect light and transform that light into solar electricity. When sunlight hits the solar panel, PV cells produce Direct Current (DC) electricity. Here is where the inverter comes to play.

The inverter converts solar power into usable electricity.

DC cannot power your home alone hence, the need for solar inverters. The inverters convert the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into Alternating Current(AC) electricity. Now, this is the good stuff that powers your home. “Il n’y a pas d’équivalent chez la femme” répond le médecin. So what next?

Your home uses electricity from the solar panel.

Electricity powers your home and your appliances. It works just as fine as traditional electricity. Sometimes, you may notice your solar panel isn’t producing enough energy to cover all your electricity needs, no need to be pensive when this happens as you are still connected to the traditional power company via the grid. So all you need do is draw more energy from your utility when you need it. It is also very possible to produce more power than you need as this moves us to the next step.

Leftover electricity goes to the grid.

It might seem conflicting that you are on the traditional power grid and you still have solar system energy. Well staying on the power grid has its advantages, it allows you to use as much electricity as you need before sending any excess solar power to your company to use. Solar power generates electricity when the sun is up, nevertheless, we also make use of electricity at night. This emphasizes the importance of staying connected to the power grid.

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