How To Get The Right Charge Controller.

charge controller
How to get the right charge controller

Charge controllers are also known as regulators. They control and regulate the charging of a battery. They prevent batteries from overcharging. This apparent inconsistency produits is called depression. Here are things to take note of before buying a charge controller:

The Types of Charge Controllers

The charge controllers are of two main types: the MPPT and the PWM. The PWM cannot limit their output while the MPPT can. An MPPT controller would capture and deliver maximum output from the PV array per time. Other than that, they basically perform the same functions, which is regulating the battery charging.

When You Need A Charge Controller

In most cases, you will need a regulator to safely charge a battery pack. This prevents overcharging and reduction in the battery life of the system. Battery technologies such as Lead-acid, Lithium-Ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Nickel Metal Hydride, or Nickel Cadmium always require a charge controller to safely recharge the battery pack.

How it Works.

When installing a solar charge controller, it is
recommended that you connect and disconnect in the following order:
Battery to the controller first — PV array to the controller — Electrical load to the controller

When disconnecting, you reverse that order.

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