4 Horrible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Purchasing a Solar System

4 horrible mistakes to avoid when purchasing a solar system
4 Horrible Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Purchasing a Solar System

Deciding to purchase a solar system is a big decision as it comes with the benefits of lowered electricity bills and more energy efficiency. There are many options to choose from when deciding to go solar, however, you should be careful when making a choice.  Amongst the several mistakes you can possibly make, here are the most common four (4) and how to avoid them.

4 mistakes to avoid when purchasing a solar system


There is nothing wrong with being cost-conscious, but watch out for prices that sound too good to be true. Asides from cost, there are other factors about quality to consider. Remember that settling for an inferior quality solar system because of lower pricing may seem like the right idea now, but the short-term savings will cost you more money in the long run when you have to replace faulty or broken system parts that failed too quickly.

The “One size fits all” approach works

Your PV system should be perfectly tailored to you and your energy needs. When you use energy frequently, your expectations and goals should be reducing energy costs and becoming energy independent. You must tailor your solar energy solution to your future needs.  If a vendor promises a “one-size-fits-all” approach or cannot explain how their system meets your needs, or worse, does not ask for this information at all, the alarm bells should sound.

Purchasing from unauthorized dealers

Do not leave any stones unturned when purchasing an inverter, be sure to buy from authorized and trusted dealers. A good dealer will ensure that you get the best products and that you always have genuine spare parts. Inability to make purchases from verified inverter companies can lead to hiccups as regards warranty policy in the event of damage due to uncontrollable circumstances within the specified period. To get the best inverter in Nigeria with warranty coverage, it is advisable to buy from the manufacturers or their Authorized agents directly where you can be given assurance. Our outlets are available around the country, bringing the best closer to you. Learn about solar energy, and learn how a solar energy system works.

Avoiding these mistakes will do not just the environment good, but also your pocket. Therefore, keep these tips in mind and go solar with your eyes open.


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