The Best Location for Inverter | Inside vs Outside?

best location for inverter

What is it about the location of an inverter? Certain areas in your home are best for your inverter
while some areas are not. Whether you place your inverter indoors or outdoors depends on the
type of inverter you are using – Grid-tied inverters may be suitable for outdoor use, but can also
be installed indoors. However, off-grid inverters are not waterproof, which limits installation.

How to determine the best location for the inverter

Below are a few factors to inform your decision before installing an inverter:

Environmental Factors

Temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight play a major role in deciding the location of the solar
inverter. Excessive sunlight can cause overheating and reduce the efficiency of the inverter. 
Also, moisture and water vapor can corrode the inverter and reduce its service life. Therefore,
we advise that you try to keep the inverter in a shaded, adequately ventilated, and cool place.


When considering where to place the inverter ensure that the space is adequately protected
from human interference. Unscrewing the inverter by unauthorized personnel could damage the
inverter system and render the warranty void. Remember to install at heights that are far from
the reach of children.


Install the solar power inverter in an area that you or maintenance professionals can easily
reach for inspection and diagnosis. Inverters sometimes require maintenance to ensure they are
working properly, clean, and free of dust. Therefore, make sure that the inverter is easily
accessible for maintenance or emergencies.

You should be able to find the best location to install the inverter in your home after considering
the above factors. Need more help, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram.

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