Author: Kärtel

A-Z of Solar Panel Cleaning

A-z of solar panel cleaning We know that in order to produce power your solar panel needs to be exposed to sunlight right? However, except you live in an environment with high amount of dust or sand around, solar panel cleaning is generally not necessary. Most often, the occasional rain will be enough to naturally […]
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How The Solar Panel Works.

Have you ever wondered or sat down to solve the puzzle of how a solar panel works? This mystery for some people is still hard to unravel. Basically, solar panel system uses photons to separate electrons from atoms. Photons are particles of light. Therefore, the process of separating electrons from the atoms generate solar electricity. […]
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How To Save Your First Million

Do you want to smell like money even in the face of an economic setback? There is a general agreement that a major factor leading to a drag in economic development is the very poor level of energy access. Over the years, most people have come on board solar energy and its offerings – interestingly, […]
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