How To Place Your Solar Panels Properly?

Kartel Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a very important part of the solar system. From eliminating electricity bills to reducing pollutions, you are well aware of the benefits of installing solar systems in your homes and businesses.

One important question you should answer is, What direction should solar panels face?
It’s easy to place the panels in the wrong order if you are self-installing.

However, there’s only one answer to this question: south. The positioning of your home will determine if you should face your panel southwest or southeast.

What happens when you don’t face your panels south?

  1. The Panels won’t produce much energy to power up your home.
  2. Panels not facing south won’t receive enough sunlight. Hence, you’d have to get more solar panels.
  3. You don’t necessarily have to install panels on your roofs. You can install it on a south-facing wall or mount it on the ground.

Kartel Energy provides top quality Solar Panels for domestic and industrial applications.

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