W-Series Inverter

1.5KVA – 10KVA

The W Series inverter (Wall-Mounted) is an ideal choice for homes and small businesses like restaurants, eateries, and offices.

The higher KVA solutions in the W Series provide dependable and superior power backup, adept at managing higher loads, fulfilling high requirements, and operating heavy-duty devices.

L-Series Inverter

2.5KVA – 10KVA

The L Series (Tower) Inverter, loaded with robust features like pure sine wave output, smart LCD integration display, and an extra fault query function, simplifies real-time monitoring. It’s capable of energizing heavy-duty appliances in homes and offices.

This is why a Kartel Pure Sine Wave Inverter is perfect for your home

NB Series Inverter

15KVA – 30KVA

The NB Series inverters are specially designed for industrial, outdoor, and rugged machinery settings.

These high-quality inverters are ideal for powering heavy machinery, outdoor lights, large industrial appliances , and beyond, performing exceptionally even under harsh conditions.

HDSX 3 Phase Inverter

15KVA - 100KVA

Application Area

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