Dealing with unreliable electricity is a big challenge in Nigeria. Kartel Solar is one of the best solar companies in Nigeria, committed to providing sustainable energy solutions derived from solar power, utilizing efficient solar PVs, solar inverters, and energy storage systems. Explore everything you need to know about Kartel Solar products here.

Curious about who can benefit from these renewable solar solutions? Below, we’ve outlined eight user groups that have been leveraging Kartel Solar solutions to meet their energy needs:

1. Small and Mid-size enterprises (SMEs): SMEs are vital to the economy, employing numerous individuals, boosting productivity, and fostering innovation. In today’s tech-driven world, the smooth operation and performance of SMEs often rely on reliable power for critical tasks and seamless services. Our standard solar systems, ranging from 5 kVA to 15 kVA inverters, offer an affordable and uninterrupted power supply solution for SMEs.

2. Commercial Enterprises: Businesses face the ongoing challenge of securing consistent and adequate electricity to ensure seamless operations across their supply chain and production line. In areas where the grid cannot guarantee stable power, businesses often resort to costly alternatives and lose valuable productive time. Our high-capacity solar solutions, ranging from 20 kVA to 100 kVA, provide reliable 24/7 solar power solutions for commercial enterprises.

3. Hospitality Industry: Restaurants and hotels are expected to deliver exceptional services with a focus on comfort and convenience. A continuous power supply is vital for the smooth operation and sustainability of hospitality businesses. Given the instability of the national grid, the industry commonly relies on viable alternatives for power. Our higher-capacity solar systems, such as the 15kVA to 30kVA systems, offer impressive capacity and reliability for clients in the hospitality sector.

4. Residential Homes: Homes need electricity for appliances to work properly. With unreliable power from the grid, many households are switching to solar systems to keep things running smoothly.

5. Medical Facilities: Hospitals need constant power to save lives. They can use high-capacity solar systems to ensure they never run out of electricity.

6. Educational Institutions: Schools need electricity for teaching tools. Solar power keeps the lights on without the noise and pollution of generators.

7. Government and Private Agencies: Reliable power is vital for government and private organizations to do their jobs well. Solar systems provide a steady energy supply, even during outages.

8. Freelancers and Remote Workers: When you work from home, you need reliable power for your devices. Kartel Solar offers solar systems that provide steady electricity, ranging from small to medium sizes. 

For Everyone: Whether you live alone or with family, having a comfy home is key. Kartel Solar has solutions for all, ensuring you always have power. We offer a FREE consultation service to help you get the right solar system for your home.