There are many solar systems on the market; however, you should be careful when choosing this device, as capacity and limitations are important considerations when purchasing solar systems. Even with the slightest bit of data on the inner workings of the machine, it is wise to understand the common mistakes people make when buying a solar system in Nigeria. There are several mistakes you can possibly make, but here are four common ones:

1. Cheap products

There is nothing wrong with being cost-conscious, but watch out for prices that are too low. There are other factors to look at. Check the warranty period, for example. If one inverter manufacturer offers a lower warranty than another, this probably indicates poorer quality (since the manufacturer has less confidence in the product) Remember, you get what you pay for. The best inverters in Nigeria are usually at a high price with a reasonable warranty

A cheap inverter doesn’t have a copper transformer. Similarly, a good-quality inverter will have a higher power factor (can be up to 95%) than a cheaper one, which could be in the 40–50% range. A higher power factor indicates the output ratio that is in harmony with the regular input supply. So, opt for the Katel pure sine wave solar inverter available in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja because the harmonious output ensures that your household appliances run quieter and longer.

2. Assuming that a “one size fits all” approach works

Your PV system should be perfectly tailored to you and your energy needs. When you use energy frequently, your expectations and goals should be reducing energy costs or your dependence on the electricity grid and your plans for the future; A solar energy solution must be tailored to your future needs: will your family grow or shrink if a child leaves the house, or do you want to add a battery later?

Our Kartel consultant will be able to understand the electrical needs of your family or business and consider your plans in their recommendation. If a vendor promises a “one-size-fits-all” approach or cannot explain how their system meets your needs, or worse, does not ask for this information at all, the alarm bells should sound.

3. Purchasing from unauthorized dealers

When purchasing an inverter, be sure to buy from authorized and trusted dealers. A good dealer will ensure that you get the best products and that you always have genuine spare parts. Please ensure that the product not only contains safety features to prevent damage to the device but also has warranty coverage in the event of damage due to uncontrollable circumstances within the specified period. 

To get the best inverter in Nigeria with warranty coverage, it is advisable to buy from the manufacturers directly where you can be given assurance. Our outlets are available around the country, bringing the best closer to you.

4. Not asking the right questions about system components. Insufficient knowledge of the product.

Learn about solar energy, learn how a solar energy system works. If you are reading this article, you can read about how the solar system works. A world of information is available to you.

Keep these mistakes in mind when purchasing a solar system in Nigeria. In addition to this, ensure that you contact a reputable solar company in Nigeria like Kartel for the best solar solution. Contact us today on 09067522620 or reach out to us on Instagram