How to survive power outages in Nigeria- Kartel Solar

How To Survive Power Outages: Tips for Being Ready

Power outages, or “blackouts,” are a common problem in Nigeria. They can be caused by infrastructure limitations or maintenance problems, especially with the national grid often collapsing. Handling power outages requires preparation and resilience. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how power outages impact Nigeria and offer practical tips to help individuals and businesses cope […]

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How to conserve energy at home

How To Conserve Energy At Home

Conserving energy in your home is an intentional effort to reduce waste and preserve valuable resources. While installing solar panels can be a significant step towards energy conservation, it’s important to understand that true conservation goes beyond just adopting renewable energy solutions. Here are some practical ways to avoid unnecessary energy waste: Turn off Electrical […]

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solar systems for schools

Why You Should Use Solar Energy As A School

Solar power is often associated with residential and commercial buildings, but solar energy in educational institutions is growing in popularity around the world as schools want to cut their electricity bills, be green, and be as energy-independent as possible.  That brings us to the important question: is solar energy good for schools? Here, we examine […]

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horrible mistakes made when buying a solar system in Nigeria

4 Mistakes You Make When Buying a Solar System in Nigeria

There are many solar systems on the market; however, you should be careful when choosing this device, as capacity and limitations are important considerations when purchasing solar systems. Even with the slightest bit of data on the inner workings of the machine, it is wise to understand the common mistakes people make when buying a […]

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