Have you noticed unusual overheating of your inverter battery at home? While it’s normal for devices to warm up during operation, excessive heat can cause concern. Since inverters operate continuously, monitoring their performance closely is crucial.

Mild heating of the inverter battery is not uncommon, but it’s essential to ensure it doesn’t become scorching. In this blog, we’ll explore simple tips to prevent inverter batteries from overheating.

STEP-1: Battery Type Switch Selection

On the back of the Kärtel Inverter, there’s a switch allowing you to choose the type of battery in use. Select the appropriate option based on the battery type attached to the inverter. Refer below for guidance:

Battery Type: LA

– Switch Selection: Lead Acid / Lithium battery

Battery Type: SMF/TUB

  – Switch Selection: Sealed Maintenance Free and Tubular Battery

Mismatching the switch selection with the actual battery type can lead to inverter overheating. 

STEP-2: Overcharging 

Overcharging happens when your battery gets more power than it needs, causing it to heat up. This can harm your battery in the long run. To avoid this, we recommend the use of charge controllers. These controllers regulate the charging process, preventing overcharging and making your battery last longer. Call us at 09067522620 for the best charge controllers to keep your battery in the best shape.

STEP-3: Inadequate Ventilation

Make sure your inverter has enough space around it for air to flow. Avoid putting things on or around it that could block the air. Place it where there’s good airflow, and don’t keep it in tight spaces unless you have proper ventilation. This helps prevent your inverter battery from getting too hot.

If you’re dealing with overheating in your backup power system, these tips can help. Find more helpful content like this on Kärtelworld.