The tubular battery comes in various sizes, so you can choose one that fits your home. They’re also budget-friendly. There are two types: short tubular batteries and tall tubular batteries.

Types of Tubular Battery

  1. Short tubular inverter batteries: These batteries are shorter but wider. They’re compact and easy to transport.
  2. Tall tubular inverter batteries are slim and tall. They have a long standby period and are ideal for homes with ample storage space.

Kärtel Tubular Battery 220Ah In-Depth Look

Kärtel’s flooded lead acid batteries are not only environmentally friendly and highly reliable but also affordable. Thanks to our dedicated research and development department, we’ve created batteries specifically designed for Indian operating conditions. These flooded batteries are perfect for battery-powered vehicles, inverters, and telecommunications applications.

Why Choose Kärtel Tubular Batteries?

  • Our batteries feature a corrosion-resistant alloy, specially blended for spins and grids. 
  • They have tubular gauntlets with high brushing strength and positive plate performance. 
  • These batteries require minimal maintenance. 
  • They come with specially designed vent plugs to trap electrolyte loss, and they have excellent recovery from deep discharging. 
  • Even if left unattended for long periods, they have a long shelf life. 
  • They have a long lifespan and prevent electrolyte leakage, seepage, or spillage. 
  • Due to their unique features, they charge faster than other batteries, improving usability for repeated use.

The Kärtel Tubular batteries are the perfect pairing with our pure sine wave inverters. They provide a more extended and stable power backup, ensuring that your devices and appliances are always powered. Get in touch with us today at 09067522620 to secure your order and experience the difference in power backup solutions.