What is solar battery storage?

A solar battery solution enables us to store the additional energy generated by the installed solar system. Using a battery solution can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs. Therefore, consumers with pre-installed solar systems get solar batteries to optimally use the existing potential.

How Solar Cell Batteries Work

Wondering how solar batteries are used today? As solar panels grow in popularity, users who install energy storage systems find that these unique batteries allow them to get the most out of their solar panels and conserve energy generated on foggy, gray, or cloudy days when panel power is reduced or in the event of a power or network failure. Some people, now, resort to solar batteries to completely disconnect themselves from the grid.

Today’s solar batteries work like any rechargeable battery: They are charged with solar energy. When the weather is bad or the solar panels are not actively producing electricity, your home system uses the energy stored in the batteries.

Benefits of Solar Batteries

Wondering how solar batteries can benefit your home? These are some of the greatest advantages:

Power when you need it

One of the biggest problems with solar panels is that they only produce power when it’s light outside. This usually happens when you are away from home due to daytime activities such as work and children’s sports. They also reduce the power of solar panels, so your home will have to disconnect from the grid if you use too much electricity. A battery is used to store the energy generated by your solar modules that is not used at the time it is generated. You can use the stored energy at home at night or during cloudy periods without having to disconnect from the grid.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When you install a solar battery, you can use all of the clean solar energy your modules produce. If this solar energy is not stored in a battery, it will end up drawing power from the grid, which is normally generated using fossil fuels. This means that your home runs on dirty energy while you could run it on clean, stored energy.

Energy Security

In Nigeria, it’s a known fact that the rainy season can mean widespread power outages for hours or even days. With the power grid and a battery connected to your solar system, you have energy security even if the power fails or the power grid is unstable for any reason.

No Noise or Air Pollution

The solution to an unstable power grid or blackout often means homeowners running their diesel generators to power their homes, which are often extremely noisy to surrounding neighbors and produce a lot of greenhouse gases. Solar battery storage can cost a little more, but they don’t make any noise or produce greenhouse gases.

Reliable Power Source

A solar battery is a safe power source that is particularly useful in regions with unreliable power grids. It is also useful when a consumer wants more control over their energy needs. 

In conclusion, batteries are best for homeowners who live where the grid is unreliable, not fully metered, or those trying to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. For the best solar batteries in Nigeria, contact us at 09067522620 or reach out to us on Twitter.