Solar battery Overheating

Why Your Inverter Battery is Overheating

Have you noticed unusual overheating of your inverter battery at home? While it’s normal for devices to warm up during operation, excessive heat can cause concern. Since inverters operate continuously, monitoring their performance closely is crucial. Mild heating of the inverter battery is not uncommon, but it’s essential to ensure it doesn’t become scorching. In […]

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How Long Can Your Solar Batteries Last

How Long Can Your Solar Batteries Last?

Solar batteries, with an average lifespan of 3–5 years, are a crucial part of your solar setup. The most commonly used type is lithium-ion batteries, which can last up to 10 years. The longevity of these batteries isn’t just about the type; it’s also about the installation, depth of discharge, cycle life, environment, and maintenance. […]

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Why you need to get a solar battery storage

Why You Need To Get A Solar Battery Storage

What is solar battery storage? A solar battery solution enables us to store the additional energy generated by the installed solar system. Using a battery solution can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs. Therefore, consumers with pre-installed solar systems get solar batteries to optimally use the existing potential. How […]

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