Using solar panels in rainy season - Kartel

Can I Still Use My Solar Panel During Rainy Season?

As the rainy season continues, one of the common questions we receive from homeowners considering solar energy is whether their systems will still function effectively. The answer is yes. Despite the misconception that solar panels only work in direct sunlight, they can still generate power using both direct and diffuse light, even on cloudy or […]

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Easy Steps to Maintain Your Solar Installation

5 Easy Steps For Maintaining Your Solar Installation (Part 1)

Investing in solar panels and batteries is a smart choice for sustainable and cost-efficient energy. To keep them working at their best, regular maintenance is key. So here are five simple steps for maintaining your solar panels and batteries, ensuring they stay efficient and last longer. 1. Keep It Clean: It’s important to regularly clean […]

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Everything To Know About Half-Cut Cells in Solar Panels

Everything You Need To Know About Half-Cut Solar Cells

Kartel half-cut solar photovoltaic cells were developed to increase energy production in solar panels. Just like the innovations observed in bifacial solar panels and PERC solar cells, the integration of half-cut cells into solar panels elevates their power output.  How Do Half-Cut Cells Work? Kartel half-cut technology enhances solar panel energy production by reducing cell […]

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