For the smooth operation of inverter batteries, demineralized or distilled water is needed. This may raise a series of questions like, Why is such water used in these batteries? How much is needed? Is it hazardous? And many more.

Demineralized water, free of ions, minerals, and salt, unlike typical tap water, is safe for consumption. This makes it suitable for use in tubular batteries.

In this piece, we’ll delve into why tubular batteries need demineralized water, how to top up water in tubular battery, the specific water type used in inverter batteries, and some guidelines for filling.

Why does a tubular battery need water?

A tubular battery, which transforms chemical energy into electrical energy via a chemical reaction, uses diluted sulfuric acid. Over time, the water volume decreases, making the solution more concentrated. Hence, a special water type is needed to maintain the acid’s dilution and the intended specific gravity (SG), enhancing battery performance.

Remember, don’t just add any water to the battery. Demineralized water is always the best choice for tubular batteries.

How to Top Up Water in a Tubular Battery 

Step 1: Check the distilled water level in the battery using the water level indicators. These indicators show the amount of distilled water in the inverter battery, with the upper and lower levels marked by green and red markers, respectively.

Step 2: The red marker is a signal that the water level is low and needs topping up. Before you start, ensure that you switch off both the inverter and the power outlet.

Step 3: To open the water-topping vent plugs, twist them in an anticlockwise direction.

Step 4: Once the vent plug is removed, position a funnel into the opening and carefully pour the distilled water into the compartment.

Step 5: Follow this procedure for all the battery compartments. Replace the vent with the opening and fill it until it aligns with the green mark, indicating the water level.

Step 6: Subsequently, reinsert the vent plug into the compartment and rotate it clockwise to secure it. Repeat these steps for all the compartments.

Step 7: Conclude by thoroughly cleaning the battery, vent plugs, and water level indicators using a clean cloth or wipe.

Once the battery is filled with distilled water, you can safely turn the power back on.

Where Can You Source Demineralized Water?

The production of demineralized water should be executed in a sterile environment to prevent any contamination. Kartel offers premium quality demineralized water at affordable prices. You can purchase from any of our outlets or contact us at 09067522620.

This guide is intended to enhance your understanding of tubular batteries and their water requirements. Implement these tips to extend your battery’s lifespan. For periodic inspections and maintenance, you can call us at 09067522620 to arrange a visit from our professional technicians.