If you’ve been holding out for a small but powerful inverter from Kärtel to run basic appliances in your home or small business, the wait is over. The NW series is here, designed to meet your needs with top-notch quality and a sleek wall-mounted design. Starting at 1.5kva, this new series combines power and flexibility, changing what you can expect from compact inverters.

The NW series isn’t just any inverter; it’s built to ensure reliable and consistent power supply, even in its small size. Whether you need it for your home essentials or to keep your kiosk running smoothly, this series delivers excellent performance without taking up much space. With the NW series, Kärtel offers you a compact powerhouse that’s ready to provide the steady support you need, whenever you need it.

The NW series from Kärtel is designed to make controlling your power simple and convenient. It comes with a LCD interface that’s easy to use, giving you full control over your system. You can easily check and manage your inverter’s performance right from your fingertips.

This inverter offers top-notch performance and innovative features wrapped in a sleek design. This series sets a new benchmark for the industry, making your solar energy setup more efficient and reliable than ever before.

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