Kartel inverters, available in an array of sizes, are crafted with the utmost consideration for customer comfort, positioning us as one of the leading inverter and battery firms in Nigeria. For over thirty years, Kartel’s mission has been to deliver safe and energy-efficient solutions that cater to your needs.

Here’s why Kartel Pure sine wave inverters are a great choice:

• Our inverters ensure a seamless power supply during outages, eliminating the need to interrupt the operation of your appliances or machinery.

• Power fluctuations can wreak havoc on the sensitive components of electronic devices. Kartel inverters act as a shield, protecting your appliances from such inconsistencies.

• Our inverters also function as filters, maintaining a steady power flow to your devices. They vigilantly monitor the incoming voltage for irregularities like spikes, brownouts, or electromagnetic interference.

• Some of our models even come with advanced energy-saving features. This commitment to innovation and reducing power waste has earned us the reputation of being Nigeria’s most technologically advanced inverter and battery company.

Kartel Line of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Introducing our inverter line, engineered to provide dependable backup power during power outages. Catering to a broad spectrum of requirements, Kartel houses a variety of models that are widely recognized and utilized across diverse applications. These include home use, small to large offices, medical facilities, IT infrastructures, communication hubs, and telecom services.

Here are the models we offer:

• L-Series Kartel Tower Inverter

This inverter can power high-capacity loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, petrol pumps, water pumps, dental chairs, photocopiers, deep freezers, and more, in addition to lighting loads.

Designed to provide a pure sine wave supply, mirroring grid power, it serves as a power backup solution for next-generation technology. This feature enhances the lifespan of your costly appliances at home, the office, or any other workspace. This is why we’re considered Nigeria’s top inverter and battery company for both residential and commercial applications.

As a leading inverter and battery brand in Nigeria, we offer an array of innovative power backup products to alleviate your concerns about power outages. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our power solutions!

 W-series Wall-Mounted Inverter

The Kartel wall-mounted inverter, part of our sine wave inverter line, is designed to provide prolonged backup times and robust, high-performance technology tailored to Nigerian power conditions. The series includes low-voltage fast charging technology, providing full charging current to the battery even at low input voltages. This makes it an optimal inverter choice for rural and semi-urban areas. Due to these features, the W series has earned its place as the most sought-after sine wave inverter series in Nigeria. True to its name, it can be conveniently wall-mounted.

NB (Single Phase) series

The Kartel NB series of inverters is known for their reliability, power, and LCD real-time display. Its pure sine wave operation minimizes electrical buzzing and reduces inverter power losses. It uses a conventional EI transformer, resulting in consistent performance.

HDSX Three-Phase Inverter

The Kartel HDSX 3-phase inverter is a pure sine wave inverter known for its high efficiency. It features a large LCD screen that presents icon data accurately and clearly and a 100% imbalance loading design with three times peak power. It’s suitable for large-scale power applications such as banks, government buildings, and large factories.

As a top-notch inverter and battery brand in Nigeria, we provide an assortment of creative power backup solutions to tackle your power outage worries. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts to discover more about our power solutions!