Precautions for the Safe Installation of Solar Panels

Like all electricity-related products, solar installation has its own safety issues. It is best to proactively take preventive measures that can help prevent unnecessary injuries in the workplace. Compliance with safety protocols not only ensures worker well-being but also improves the prospect of long system life. Here are some of the precautions one should take […]

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Solar Panels: Effects of Shading and How to Avoid It

A photovoltaic system uses sunlight and solar energy to generate electricity for our homes and offices. While they are a great source of producing green and renewable energy, shading and obstruction can hinder their energy production. A study on shading analysis for solar modules found that shading in solar PV systems reduces power output by […]

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Top Benefits of Using Solar Energy in Educational Institutions

Solar power is often associated with residential and commercial buildings, but solar energy in educational institutions is growing in popularity around the world as educational institutions want to cut their electricity bills, be green, and be as energy-independent as possible.  That brings us to the important question: is solar energy good for educational institutions? Here, […]

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Top Reasons to Use Solar Battery Storage

What is solar battery storage? A solar battery solution enables us to store the additional energy generated by the installed solar system. Using a battery solution can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs. Therefore, consumers with pre-installed solar systems get solar batteries to optimally use the existing potential. How […]

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Five Essential Tips for Kartel Tubular Battery Maintenance

Routine tubular battery maintenance and upkeep are required to ensure longevity and peak performance. Let’s face it, the battery is the lifeblood of any inverter, and a faulty battery means an unreliable power supply, and in some cases, total failure.  Here are 5 helpful tips to maintain your Kärtel tubular battery: 1. Always check the […]

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4 horrible mistakes made when buying a solar system

There are many solar systems on the market, however, you should be careful when choosing this device as the capacity and limitations are important considerations when purchasing solar systems. Even with the slightest bit of data on the inner workings of the machine, it is wise to understand the common mistakes people make when buying […]

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